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About Mohammad Reza Alvandi

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I was born in Iran and graduated in Chemistry. I started shooting many years ago, I started photography as a fun. But after some time I worked on that more seriously. At first, I did shots, landscapes and portraits with a 35mm camera, but due to having interest in nature, my photos, shifted to landscapes photography.

After some time, I bought a medium format camera. But at the end due to having certain advantages, I chose large format camera. I work with many formats, black & white and color films. I tried to develop films.

Although digital cameras are widely inclusive, and almost nobody goes to buy the analog camera, But yet, evocative sense of working with analog cameras, has a special place for me.

Considering that, analog photographic process is more complex and longer, but in my opinion, it will cause photographer perform more accurately on the subject, and image capture. My goal to run this site is not comparing analog and digital cameras. Just I want to review methods and specific techniques for analog photography, according to my ability and knowledge, although the basics of both methods are quite similar.

I've dedicated this site to landscape Photography. I've tried to put articles about equipment, procedures and other information on photos and photography in site. I hope to be useful for everyone who likes this subject.


This is a history of ALVANDI Camera:

– 1996: For the first time, He made a 6x9cm back part and ground glass part for him Mamiya Universal camera.

– 1998: The first Mono Rail Camera was built. It was a complete camera for a variety of movements. Modularity was one of its features.

– 2002: Designing and built analog 1° Spot meter. It was equipped with a Zone system scale.

– 2003: Studio flash was built.

– 2004: The Macro flash was built.

– 2005: The first 6x12cm camera was built. It was equipped with Schneider Symmar-S 100/5.6 lens. He chose the Panoral name for it. The name of the Panoral is a combination of the word Panor-ama and Al-vandi.

– 2006: The first 6x17cm camera was built. It was equipped with Schneider ┘ĆSuper Angulon 90/5.6 lens and ±20mm vertical shift.

– 2008: The Panoral 45 Ver-I Technical camera was built.

– 2009: The Panoral 617 Ver-I Technical 6x17cm panoramic camera was built.

– 2010: Making the first the Spherical Panoral Head.

– 2011: The Optical viewfinder was built.

– 2014: Redesigning and making the Spherical Panoral Head PH Pro-I.

2014: Foundation ALVANDI Camera Systems as a manufacturer of camera and photographic equipment.

– 2015: The Panoral 57 Ver-I Technical camera was built.

– 2016: Making Tilt-Shift adapter for Panoral 45 Ver-I.

2017: Registration of the brand ALVANDI as a manufacturer of camera and photographic equipment.

– 2018: The Produce Panoral 45 Ver-II Technical camera.

– 2018: Redesigning and making Optical viewfinder with spirit level.

– 2018: Designing and built the first Panoral 810 Ver-I Technical camera.

– 2019: The Produce Panoral 57 Ver-II Technical camera.

– 2019: The Produce Panoral 617 Ver-II 6x17cm panoramic camera.

– 2020: The Produce 8X magnifier ver. II.

– 2020: The Produce Shutter Speed Tester.

– 2020: The Produce 8X-DA magnifier.

– 2021: The Produce ALVANDI Panoral 679.

– 2021: The Produce ALVANDI 6x17 Graflok roll film back.

– 2021: The Produce Panoral 57 to 45 reducing back adapter.

– 2022: The Produce ALVANDI Panoral 679-SW.

– 2022: The Produce ALVANDI-Linhof Technika Helical Focus Mount.

– 2022: The Produce ALVANDI–Hasselblad H to Graflok adapter.

– 2022: The Produce ALVANDI Panoral 57 Ver-III.

– 2022: The Produce ALVANDI Panoral 617 Ver-IIM 6x17cm panoramic camera.

– 2023: The Produce ALVANDI Panoral 45 Ver-III.

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