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No. 193 East Amir, Rahbar Sq. Tehranpars, Tehran, Iran

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Q: How do I place an order?

A: Send us an email, or a message via other methods, and let us know your choice of camera. We will advise you on choosing the right lens and accessories. We will send you a pre-invoice with payment and shipping terms. We make cameras and accessories based on customer order. Production time is based on customer's order. We can send to all regions of the world. Shipping time is 7-15 days after production.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We accept only PayPal.

Q: How are the payment terms?

A: You have to pay 30 to 50% as a pre-payment, and the rest plus shipping costs, before shipping. It can be changed according to customer's requirements.

Q: How is the shipping cost calculated?

A: All prices are without shipping costs. The cost is borne by the customer. Shipping costs are calculated based on your country, weight and volume of the camera pack.

Q: Do you sell any used equipment?

A: Very rarely.

Q: What warranty do you offer for your products?

A: We offer lifetime repair services. It should be noted that the warranty of the device is related to defects in the manufacture and does not include any defects resulting from damage during handling, improper use, manipulation, adjustment or repair by unauthorized persons. The ground glass does not include warranty.

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