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Spherical panoramic head for analog and digital camera

Theory of panorama head

Another of photographic equipment that is very useful for landscapes, is panorama head. It is important to use this device, the Nodal point of the lens, must be coincide with the axis of rotation the camera. Because, I build two axis rotation for it, so removed, the vertical and horizontal error parallax. Also according to being the multilevel (multi-row panorama), flat and spherical error will be eliminated. Easy to use, stability, accuracy, size and weight is the main feature of this device.

Panoral spherical panoramic head vertical axis rotation
Panorama head and Canon newF1 - vertical axis rotation

L-shaped form causes it is suitable for a variety of spherical panorama, perspective-corrected flat or classic cylindrical panoramas, Even when heavy professionalĀ DSLR or film camera is used. In both the upper and lower axis, rotation is possible with an accuracy of 2.5 degrees. By screw handheld, movements are completely locked and will not move.

Panoral spherical panoramic head vertical axis
Panorama head vertical axis
Panoral spherical panoramic head horizontal axis
Panorama head horizontal axis
Panoral spherical panoramic head horizontal axis rotation
Panorama head horizontal axis rotation

Panorama head structure

This device is equipped with three rails in three axes XYZ space. They are calibrated with an accuracy of 1 mm. These parts are easily moved and become fixed with screws handheld in the desired location.

Panoral spherical panoramic head XYZ plates
Panorama head xyz plates

Fisheye lenses up to 150 mm can be used this panorama head. In top rail can be mounted standard Hasselblad mount. For below of vertical axis has been considered standard Hasselblad mount. In addition to the Hasselblad mount, screw mount on a standard tripod types, 1/4in and 3/8in also embedded below this axis.

Panoral spherical panoramic head and Vertical axis hasselblad quick mount
Vertical axis Hasselblad quick mount
Panoral spherical panoramic head and horizontal axis hasselblad quick mount
Horizontal axis Hasselblad quick mount

This device has been designed so that, it is compact and completely closed by a screw handheld. It is therefore very suitable for putting in a variety of the backpack.

Panoral spherical panoramic head closed
Panorama head closed

By removing the top rail, and installing it on the bottom axis, you can put the camera in landscape mode.

Panoral spherical panoramic and horizontal camera
Panorama head and landscape camera position

Technical Specification

Panorama model: Flat, Cylindrical, Spherical

Image reproduction: Single and Multi row

Suitable lenses: Focal lengths from 10 to 150 mm

Recommended software:Ā PTGui, Photoshop

Material: Aluminum Alloy 7075

Coating: Anodizing

External color: Semi-gloss black coating

Tripod mount: Hasselblad standard mounts and standard screw tripod 1/4 and 3/8 inch

Closed external dimensions: W:50, H:65, D:210 mm

Weigh: 700gr

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