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Panoral 617, panoramic camera

Panoral 617 panorama camera structure

Always, my favorite is record of more space, from the subject. Specifically, the group of images that have length more than twice the width. The most common format, which have produced the world famous companies, is a 6x17 format. This format is quite wider than 6x12, and give more to the image, panoramic view. Usually a ratio of 1 to 3, is more attractive than other formats for viewers. Although, ratio of 1 to 4 are built by companies, but it is not universal, compared with ratio of 1 to 3.

Alvandi Panoral 617 Ver. IIM camera, is an new version Panoral 617 Ver-II panoramic 60x170mm camera. The new design in the parts of the body and vertical and horizontal shift of the Panoral 617 Ver. IIM camera has made it more beautiful and more efficient. All parts are made of Aluminum alloy 6061 T6 by CNC machine. All aluminum parts are coated by black anodized and all steel parts coated by copper-nickel-chromium. Read more

ALVANDI Panoral 617-IIM
Panoral 617 Ver. IIM Panoramic 6x17cm camera
Panoral 617 Ver II Panoramic 6x17cm shift camera
Panoral 617 Ver. II Panoramic 6x17cm camera and Schneider Super Angulon 90/5.6

Principally, creating an image with a ratio of 1 to 3 is amazing, because it is recorded with one shot. This issue shows, a large image circle of the lens. Panoral 617 is a panoramic camera with 6x17cm format. This camera has the ability of vertical and horizontal shift (lateral shift). The most wide-angle lens that can be used in this camera is 75 mm.

Panoral 617 panoramic camera section view
Panoral 617 camera - Catia software section
Panoral 617 panoramic camera and Schneider super angulon 65/5.6 lens
Panoral 617 camera with Schneider super angulon 65/5.6
Panoral 617 panoramic camera vertical shift
Panoral 617 camera ±12mm vertical shift (up–down)
Panoral 617 panoramic camera Lateral shift
Panoral 617 camera ±12mm Lateral shift (left–right)

Lens part

Part of the camera, which contains Large Format Lens, focus mount, intermediate piece cone and plate holder is called lens part. I designed 4 lenses 75, 90, 150, 210 for this camera. All these lenses are equipped with the focus ring, a piece specially cone interface and plate holder for themselves. Focus ring for each lens, is designed specifically. All lenses Panoral 45 and Panoral 57 cameras, can be used to Panoral 617 camera. Therefore, the focus ring does not need to be calibrated. But it should be noted image circle of lens for use this camera.

Schneider Super angulon 90/5.6 and Panoral 617 lens board
Schneider super angulon 90/5.6 on Panoral lens part system


The body consists of three parts: the main body, lens shift and back part shift. Lens shift, located in front of the body, and Lens part to be mounted it. This part of does shift, 12mm to above and 12mm to down. Back part shift is located behind the main body and roll film back 617 is attached to it. Also, back part shift does shift of 12mm to left and 12mm to right. So Lens part and back part, do shift independently of each other.

Panoral 617 panoramic camera and Schneider super angulon 65/5.6 lens
Panoral 617 camera with Schneider super angulon 65/5.6
Panoral 617 panoramic camera body
Panoral 617 body

Back part

Back part consists of two parts: Folding focusing hood with ground glass and 617 roll film back. Ground glass is full frame 6x17cm, and it is also equipped with Fresnel Lens. Thus, the edges of ground glass is clear like the center. Folding focusing hood is equipped with synthetic leather. Thus at daylight, you can focus easily. And when not in use, the metal cap, will be protect of ground glass. When shooting, 617 roll film back will be replaced instead of folding focusing hood. Roll film back is equipped with the dark slide and 4 frames will be recorded on 120 mm film. Counting the recorded image, will be, by numbers behind the film.

Panoral 617 panoramic camera groundglass door
Panoral 617 camera ground glass door open–close
Panoral 617 panoramic camera and viewfinder
Panoral 617 camera back view with viewfinder
Panoral 617 panoramic camera various components
Panoral 617 disassembled

The picture below shows the dimensions of the Panoral 617 camera compared to Canon.

Panoral 617 panoramic camera vs Canon New F1
Panoral 617 vs Canon new F1

Technical Specification

System: panoramic camera 1:3

Image format: 60x170 mm

Number of Image: 4, 60x170 mm image on 120mm film

Lens used: 72 to 210 mm large format lens. Longer lenses can be used by adding an Extension part. (The lenses, 47, 65, 75, 90, 150 and 210 mm, is designed for installation on it. However, while used, should be attention to the diameter of image circle lens)

Value Shifting: ±12mm to up – down, ±12mm to left – right

Material: Aluminum Alloy 7075

Coating: Anodizing

Internal Paint: Anti – reflective black

External color: Semi – gloss black coating

External dimensions with Super angulon 75/5.6 lens and 617 roll film back: W:215, H:155, D:170 mm

Weight with Super angulon 75/5.6 lens and 617 roll film back: 2500gr

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