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Large format landscape photography techniques

The beautiful valley of Ahhar
Ahhar is one of the villages of Roudbar Ghasran from Shemiran, Tehran province. This village is located 23 kilometers northwest of Glenduk. This village is located at the confluence of two canyons. One to the north-west to the Deh tangeh, and the other to the south-west and the Shekarab waterfall and the Tochal peak and Shahrestanak. more
ALVANDI Panoral 679-SW
ALVANDI Panoral 57 Ver-III
ALVANDI Panoral 679
ALVANDI Panoral 45-III
Panoral 45 Ver-III

Panoral 45 Ver-III is a 4x5 inch large format technical camera with tilt and shift. it has the ability to connect a variety of cut film holders, roll film backs and digital backs. more

ALVANDI Panoral 617 ver-IIM
Panoral 617 Ver.IIM

Alvandi Panoral 617 Ver. IIM, is modified of Panoral 617-II panoramic 60x170mm camera. This camera has a modern design for 6x17cm panorama photography. more

ALVANDI Panoral 57-III
Panoral 57 Ver.III

Panoral 57 Ver.III camera is a large format technical camera with tilt and shift capabilities. This camera has a modern design for large format and medium format photography. more

ALVANDI Panoral 679-SW
Panoral 679-SW

Panoral 679-SW camera is a medium format Technical camera with shift movements capability. Panoral 679-SW camera is a new version of the Panoral 679. more

ALVANDI-Panoral 679
Panoral 679

Panoral 679 camera is a medium format Technical camera with tilt and shift movements capability more

ALVANDI-Panoral 810
Panoral 810

Panoral 810, is a large format technical camera for using 8x10in/18x24cm large format film. This camera is designed based on the Panoral cameras platform. But there are more changes and more ability for it. more

For shooting with large format cameras, you must learn to focusing techniques. For this reason, you should first become familiar with the building of the cameras, to be able to make the necessary adjustments. more

The Zone System is a framework for understanding exposure and development and visualizing their effect in advance. The photographer by using of Zone System, would be able to control the quality of the gray tones of image, before exposure. more

If the photographer to do the film developing, causes the image quality be better and repeatable. Techniques of deleloping black and white film types, and color slides is available on this page. more

Variety of color, black and white, as well as panorama images, which is recorded by a film camera are provided in this site, these images have been recorded in the scenic and pristine areas of Iran. more

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