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Shahrestanak photo gallery

Golden leaves in Shahrestanak

Shahrestanak-007 picture ID: 30556 new-icon

Shahrestanak and close-up image of the reeds

Shahrestanak-006 picture ID: 30552 new-icon

shahrestanak village in fall

Shahrestanak-005 picture ID: 30544

Shahrestanak beautiful village

Shahrestanak-004 picture ID: 30532

Shahrestanak and poplars,شهرستانک و درختان صنوبر

Sharestanak-003 picture ID: 30527


Shahrestanak-002 picture ID: 30501

Shahrestanak a alpine village,شهرستانک یک روستای کوهستانی

Shahrestanak-001 picture ID: 30502

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