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Beautiful river in the valley in Mazandaran

Beautiful river in the valley in Mazandaran
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Iran, Mazandaran, Panoral 45 camera, Schneider Super Angulon 75/5.6, IIIC center filter, Fuji Velvia 50 120 roll film

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Mazandaran Province is one of the most densely populated provinces in Iran and has diverse natural resources, notably large reservoirs of oil and natural gas. The diverse nature of the province features plains, prairies, forests and rainforest stretching from the sandy beaches of the Caspian Sea to the rugged and snowcapped Alborz sierra, including Mount Damavand, one of the highest peaks and volcanos in Asia.

This picture was recorded in one of the villages of Mazandaran province. The river was very clear and there were small salmon in it. The mountainous climate of this region was very clean and free of dust. And thanks to the Fuji Velvia 50 film, a very clean and beautiful image was recorded. I tilted the camera slightly to capture a focus image.

For this image, I used the Panoral 45 camera. I set my tripod in convenient location, and put my camera with Schneider Super Angulon 75/5.6 lens and center filter IIIC on it. I used tilt to focus the foreground. The lens was set at a hyperfocal distance and the image recorded, with aperture 22 and shutter speed 1/2 seconds on Fuji Velvia 50 6x12cm roll film.

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