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Beautiful Plain from Shurab Village

Beautiful Plain from Shurab Village, دشت زیبای شورآب
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Iran, Firuzkuh, Savadkuh, Panoral 45 camera, Schneider Super Angulon 75/5.6, center filter IIIC, Kodak E100VS 4x5in slide film

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Shurab Village, is located in Firuzkuh road to Qaem Shahr in Mazandaran province. The village is located, before Savadkuh city, in the Gaduk area. This village is famous for the waterfall Shurab. This waterfall is located in the lower village and right beside the railroad. Rocks of the waterfall due to mineral in the water, it can be seen orange and yellow color.

The beautiful blue flowers in this image attracted me. The blue flowers in the foreground had created a beautiful plain. I tried to reduce the height of the camera. I tilt the camera slightly. With this method, I got a good focus. I had a little problem in color reproduction after developing. I think it's because of Kodak's film structure.

I used Schneider super angulon 75/5.6 lens on Panoral 45 camera, center filter IIIC by 1/8sec at f22 on Kodak E100VS 4x5in slide film.

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