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Mount Damavand, from Polour region

Mount Damavand, from Polour region,قله دماوند از منطقه پلور
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Iran, Mazandaran, Polour, Toyo Field 45A, Schneider Super Angulon 90/5.6, center filter IIIC, Kodak E100VS 4x5in film

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Polour plain, is located in Amol road, near Lar Plain, in Mazandaran province of Iran. It is well known for being the climbing start point of the Mount Damavand. Polour region, due to its proximity to Mount Damavand, has mountainous weather. It is very cold in the winter, but spring is very pleasant.

Due to the proximity of the Polour, to the Lar Plain, there is a similar climate in the region. Some people even consider the region part of Lar plain. Due to its proximity to Mount Damavand, and being in its hillside, weather conditions is heavily influenced by this mount. And in terms of climatic conditions, it is considered a mountainous region.

Snowy winter, spring and summer pleasing, is characteristic of the region. Poppies plain and yellow wild flowers plain, is the wonders of the area. In the spring and summer the pastoralists, for sheep grazing, migrate to the this region. So in some parts of the region, can be seen sheep camp site.

For this photo, I used my Toyo Field 45A and Schneider Super Angulon 90/5.6 lens. I mounted the camera on a tripod. Then focus the image on ground glass. Due to the have a clear picture of the whole frame, I used from the camera movement. I got bent the front camera, towards the front. Then I move enough ground glass on the rear side, until the image is perfectly in focus.

However, due to Locating to trees at the top of the image creates problems in focus. I tried using a combination of tilt and aperture, and the camera body roller, and using the view camera focusing method, would solve this problem. I kept the IIIC center filter in front of the lens by hand. The image recorded, with aperture 22 and shutter speed 1/2 seconds on Kodak E100VS 4x5in film.

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