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Lavij village in autumn

Lavij village and beautiful autumn, روستای لاویج و پاییز زیبا
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Iran, Mazandaran, Lavij, Panoral 45 camera, Nikkor-w 150/5.6, Kodak E100VS 4x5in

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Lavij is a rural district in, Chamestan District, Nur County, Mazandaran Province of Iran. This mountain region, is surrounded by beautiful trees in autumn. This tourist area is full of nature enthusiasts, on the weekends. The spa natural, is the most famous tourist attraction in the region. When I adjusting camera for this image, a flock sheep, came from down the valley to the top. But, I use this opportunity, and put them in the picture. For capture this image, I used the Panoral 45 camera and Nikkor-w 150/5.6 lens, on Kodak E100VS 4x5in film by 1/15sec at f22.

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