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Agriculture in Kurdistan

Farmers in Kurdistan,کشاورزان استان کردستان
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Iran, Kurdistan, Marivan road, Hasselblad 500 C/M, Carl Zeiss Sonnar 180/4 CF, Fuji Velvia 50

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Kurdistan province, located in the west of Iran. The province is located on the slopes and plains of central Zagros mountain range. Center of this province is the city of Sanandaj. This mountainous region, has a cold winter, but in spring is the lush.

Kurdistan is affected by the hot and humid Mediterranean air masses. These masses are caused rain in spring and snow in winter. The influence masses of wet winter and spring in Marivan and Zarivar Lake, has a great impact on the area moist and fresh air. Kurdistan due to its unique climate, has high potential to attract tourists.

SanandajMarivan road is one of the most beautiful roads in the province. On this road, there are spectacular plains and mountains. Usually in the spring plains margin of the road is full of poppy flowers. I stayed in the area for breakfast. There was a deep valley between me and landscapes. Because I photographed a few hours, the sun was close to half of the sky. So the sun was a bit annoying in this frame.

For this photo, I used Carl Zeiss Sonnar 180/4 CF lens on Hasselblad 500 C/M. I've corrected a little composition. I avoid the penetration of sunlight to the lens by hand. And finally the image was recorded by 1/8 sec at f22 on Fuji Velvia 50, 120 roll.

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