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Beautiful river of Darabad valley

Beautiful river of Darabad valley,رودخانه دارآباد
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Iran, Tehran, Darabad, Panoral 57 camera, Schneider Super Angulon 90/5.6, Forte No.2 5x7in paper negative

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The Darabad river in the northeast of Tehran originate from the Tochal ridge mountain. Around the river due to high humidity, in the past was a place full of natural trees. Darabad means a place full of trees. The height of Darabad River, is approximately 1700m at the beginning of the route, and at the peak of 3160 meters.

This image is from the collection of pictures of Darabad valley in the fall. However, since the photo is black and white, it does not see the fall season. Throughout Darabad River, there are places where rivers and rocks are in contact. Of course, in the spring, the river is full of water.

I recorded this image with the Panoral 57 camera. I focused on the bottom of the image, then tilt to the top of the image that was located on the mountain. Due to the use of Schneider Super Angulon 90/5.6 lens, the tilt value was very small. I think about 1 or 2 degrees. Because more than that, I might have lost focus in the rocks area.

The image recorded, with aperture 22 and shutter speed 8 seconds on 5x7in Forte No.2 paper negative. The image has been inverted in Photoshop.

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