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Arjomand, in a spring day with strong wind

One spring day in Arjomand,یک روز بهاری در ارجمند
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Iran, Tehran, Firuzkuh, Arjomand, Panoral 45 camera, Schneider Super Angulon 90/5.6, Hoya red filter, Ilford FP4 4x5in film

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Arjomand is a village in Tehran province of Iran. The Arjomand village is located in the city functions Firuzkuh. If you leave a small amount of Arjomand village, you reach the village Lazoor. Along the way about 13 km, there are pristine natural areas. This area includes meadow, rivers and big rocks on the hillside.

Because the area is mountainous, weather conditions is highly variable. For this reason, the region is sometimes cloudy, sometimes rainy and sometimes there is a strong wind. When I went to the area on a spring day, the wind blew strongly. Wind sometimes threatens to break the trees. And sometimes even leads to imbalance me and my camera. The wind velocity is quite visible in the tree image.

For this photo, I went to riverbank. I waited until the clouds reach in a decent position. But, the wind strongly changed their position. I did not wait more. Because I lose the position of the clouds.

I used Schneider Super Angulon 90/5.6 lens on Panoral 45 camera by 1/2sec at f32 on Ilford FP4 Plus 4x5in film. Due to the beautiful clouds and blue sky, I used a red filter to enhance the dramatic effect on clouds. Because I used a slow shutter speed were recorded movements of trees and rivers. This theme increased the impact of the image.

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